Dr Ray Moynihan is an aspiring bush regenerator, with a background as an academic researcher, author, and journalist, based in Australia with a global reputation. In late 2022 he will launch a new bush regeneration project in the Byron Shire of Northern New South Wales, as part of an effort to reconnect regional communities in a state ravaged by fires, floods and COVID.

Following the awarding of his PhD in 2015, in 2017 Ray won a prestigious National Health and Medical Research Council Fellowship to investigate and address the problem of overdiagnosis.

Ray is an honorary adjunct Assistant Professor at Bond University’s, Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, and Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.

Having reported across print, radio, television and social media, Ray has worked at the ABC TV’s investigative program, Four Corners and the 7:30 Report, ABC Radio’s Background Briefing and The Australian Financial Review.

Since winning a Harkness Fellowship, based at Harvard University in 1999, in addition to his journalism, Ray developed an impressive body of academic work and writing resulting in articles in the Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Medical Journal of Australia, PLoS Medicine, PLOS ONE, BMJ OPEN, and the British Medical Journal, BMJ. He has also been a conjoint lecturer at the University of Newcastle, in Australia.

Internationally recognized for his work on the business of medicine, Ray is regularly interviewed by media globally, and invited to give presentations at universities, conferences and workshops around the world. He has in recent years published or broadcast material in The Australian, Crikey.com, The Conversation, The Byron Echo, ABC Radio National and The Saturday Paper, where he has contributed a number of articles in recent years.

The winner of awards for his investigative journalism, Ray’s 2005 book Selling Sickness was described in the New York Times as a “compelling case” and has been translated into a dozen languages. His fourth book, Sex, Lies & Pharmaceuticals was released globally in late 2010 and generated widespread interest internationally.

In 2015 Ray completed his PhD on Overdiagnosis at what was then the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice at Bond University in Australia. Together with colleagues from around the globe he initiated the Preventing Overdiagnosis scientific conferences which have been co-sponsored by the WHO, and he was a member of the scientific program committee helping to organise the conference, until 2020.

Ray recently hosted a series of podcasts from Cochrane Australia, called The Recommended Dose, featuring conversations with some of the world’s big thinkers in healthcare. In late 2021, he co-hosted a new podcast series with Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare and The BMJ.

In early 2022 he enrolled in a TAFE Certificate III course in Conservation and Ecosystem Management, in order to learn more about, and work within, the world of ecological restoration.

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