Celebrating the moves to wiser healthcare

In April 2022, The Medical Journal of Australia’s Insight published a short piece titled “Celebrating the moves to Wiser healthcare”, and you can read it here. The piece is a short thank you to all those who are working to wind back medical excess, safely and fairly. As noted in the piece, Ray is taking a break from the world of medicine to study bush regeneration and ecological restoration at TAFE.

Preventing Overdiagnosis conference 2019

The 7th international Preventing Overdiagnosis scientific conference will be in Sydney, December 5-7, 2019. Early bird registrations have just gone on sale, and there are discounted registrations for students and consumer/citizens organisations. The conference partners include universities from Australia, UK and USA, as well as one of the world’s leading medical journals, the BMJ. You can visit the conference website here.

The Recommended Dose

Ray is now presenting Season Two of The Recommended Dose – produced by Cochrane Australia. The podcast is a series of intimate conversations with some of the world’s big thinkers in health, promoting a more questioning approach to healthcare.¬† Guests include BMJ’s editor in chief Dr Fiona Godlee, the extraordinary Professor John Ioannidis, brilliant British novelist Sarah Moss, JAMA Internal Medicine’s editor in chief Professor Rita Redberg, Australia’s leading health reporter, Dr Norman Swan, and many more.Podcast Soundcloud profile pic2 Your can listen to it here


National statement launched in Australia on need to address overdiagnosis

Leading healthcare groups in Australia, including professional organisations, consumer groups and public bodies have endorsed an Initial Statement, on overdiagnosis. The statement acknowledges that the problem of too much medicine is harming people and threatening healthcare sustainability – taking resources away from areas of genuine need. The statement followed a National Summit on overdiagnosis held at the University of Sydney in July, facilitated by the Wiser Healthcare research collaboration.