Videos and Films

Here is a selection of some of Ray Moynihan’s recent video and documentary work. For a more complete list see Miranda Burne’s Youtube channel

Orgasm Inc.

A short trailer for Liz Canner’s stunning new documentary

The New Epidemic

A 25 minute mockumentary about Motivational Deficiency Disorder.

Teamwork in Healthcare – Canada

A short video about the benefits of a teamwork approach within the Canada’s healthcare system.

Rolling out Aids drugs in South Africa

This short video features a choir of HIV-positive people who live in one of the poorest communities in rural South Africa, part of a series produced with Ray’s partner, editor and camera-woman Miranda Burne, for an influential committee of the World Health Organization.

Selling Sickness

A full-length documentary about pharmaceutical marketing broadcast internationally. Ray Moynihan’s role was “Concept, research and writing.”


A former drug industry insider speaks out.