Time for Sunshine in Medicine’s dark corners

In Ray’s latest monthly column for the Medical Journal of Australia he argues its time for full disclosure of all financial relationships between our health professionals and drug and device makers. Evert speaking fee, every trip away and every free lunch.

Rather than tinkering with codes of ethics, a new law like the United State’s  Sunshine Act is whats needed. Here you can read the full text of the column

Pharmaville – the latest fad in on-line gaming

In Ray’s latest column in the British Medical Journal, we learn about Pharmaville, an idea for a new web-based social networking game, where players develop and sell medicines to make life perfect, where dubstep plays in the strip clubs, and where those found guilty of misleading the public face the possibilty of mild professional censure. You can read the BMJ column here

Global Praise for “Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals”

A selection a reviews and recommendations from around the world about Ray’s latest book…

“a meticulous exposé”        Literary Review of Canada

“essential reading for husbands”    The Spectator

“very readable”     Medical Journal of Australia

“valuable muckraking”     Psychiatric Times, USA

“a clarion call that should be heard by men and women alike” Winnipeg Free Press

“A must read”     Dr Lori Brotto, UBC Canada

“I highly recommend it”   Gorgi Coghlan, Channel 10, The Circle, Australia

“A brilliant dissection of the tragedy of greed preying on fear”

Dr Iona Heath, Royal College of General Practitioners, Britain

“One of the most useful books to come along in a long time”

Cynthia A. Pearson, National Women’s Health Network, USA

Review extracts

“…essential reading for husbands and recommended reading for general practitioners, psychiatrists and psychologists…”.

“with its insightful discussion of bedroom intimacy and the impact of ageing on sexual function of both men and women, especially the latter, it will almost certainly become a discussion text for many book clubs across the Western world.”

John Graham, The Spectator, Australia

“…a breakthrough in investigative journalism: a decidedly progressive argument against the hegemony of modern medicine and the way it intentionally deprives patients of a holistic approach to health and happiness.”

Quill and Quire

“Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals is a rarity—a book that lives up to its own hype. It is a thorough and meticulous exposé that does a remarkably good job of bringing skepticism without cynicism, informa­tion without sensationalism to an issue that is being confronted by an increasing number of average people.

“… an eye-opening, carefully written and fair book that directly confronts a single dramatic example of what many consider to be an exploding problem: the medicalization of everyday life.”

Wendy McElroy, Literary Review of Canada

Buy your copy here

Drug giant’s legal action against Australian government advisers described as “intimidation”

The drug company AstraZeneca has launched legal action against an influential committee of independent advisers to the Australian government.

Documents lodged with a federal court show that the company has begun proceedings against 17 members of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee and the federal health minister.

Neither AstraZeneca nor the government will comment on the nature of the case against the powerful committee, which makes recommendations on which drugs attract subsidies—and the conditions attached to those subsidies—in Australia’s $8 billion publicly funded scheme.

However, court documents reveal that the case …..

The full text of Ray’s latest story is available here in the British Medical Journal

Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals…in the global media

The new book by Ray Moynihan and Barbara Mintzes is getting lots of attention world wide. Here is a little of the recent coverage: