Ray Moynihan becomes BMJ columnist…

In 2011 Ray will start a new regular column at the BMJ – the British Medical Journal – he will be a regular contributor to his local newspaper in Byron Bay Australia, The Echo, and will continue as an Australian correspondent to Radio New Zealand’s NinetoNoon program, along with other projects, writing commissions, speaking engagements and lots of dancing.

Drug giant’s legal action against Australian government advisers described as “intimidation”

The drug company AstraZeneca has launched legal action against an influential committee of independent advisers to the Australian government.

Documents lodged with a federal court show that the company has begun proceedings against 17 members of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee and the federal health minister.

Neither AstraZeneca nor the government will comment on the nature of the case against the powerful committee, which makes recommendations on which drugs attract subsidies—and the conditions attached to those subsidies—in Australia’s $8 billion publicly funded scheme.

However, court documents reveal that the case …..

The full text of Ray’s latest story is available here in the British Medical Journal

Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals…in the global media

The new book by Ray Moynihan and Barbara Mintzes is getting lots of attention world wide. Here is a little of the recent coverage: